Guinness Chocolate Shooters

by Barry Lewis


175ml (3/4 cup) guinness
250ml (1/2 cup) Double cream
325g dark choc chips (1.8 cups)
4 eggs
pinch salt
Topping – enough for 8 shot glasses
250ml creme fraiche
1tbsp icing sugar
1tsp vanilla extract

In this video recipe for St Patricks Day I show you how to make some delicious Guinness Chocolate shooters. Edible chocolate desserts Guinness themed in shot glasses, amazingly tasty!

Start off by getting a large mixing bowl. Plonk your eggs, chocolate chips and salt in there and leave to one side… you’ll find out why in just a moment, but it will save time.

In your sauecpan over a low flame combine your cream and guinness together stirring briefly. Keep it over the heat until bubbles appear quite consitently and the mixture is hot. Do not overboil. Pour this mixture over the chocolate and egg bowl, whisking immediately. The heat from the cream will cook the egg and the chocolate will melt. Keep going until you have a lovely smooth mixture, then leave to cool.

Meanwhile mix the creme fraiche, sugar and vanilla together in a mixing bowl until smooth. Now the chocolate mixture should have cooled by now so add it to a jug to make pouring easier and then fill your shot glasses leaving a little gap at the top.

Place in the fridge with the creme fraiche too for at least two hours to firm up. Cheat by using the freezer if you like. This is just to set the guinness layer as otherwise the creme fraiche will fall through it!!

Remove from the fridge and top the shot glasses with the creme fraiche using a spoon. You can actually get a pretty cool ‘just poured’ effect doing this like a real pint of Guinness!!

Eat the Guinness chocolate shooters either immediately or chill in the fridge til you want to gobble them up, they won’t last long!!