Giant Lindor

by Barry Lewis


1.8L Double cream

2kg good quality milk chocolate (Lindt if you really want to push the boat out)

1kg couverture chocolate / milk chocolate for tempering

So Lindt sell this Giant Lindor ball that contains lots of normal size Lindor chocolates… very nice. But, you can use the casing to make a mould and effectively a Giant Lindor! What could go wrong?!

Essentially you’ll be able to make this in many different moulds really but if you get the one that Lindt sell, here’s what you need to do.

Temper the chocolate either using the method in this video for milk chocolate or according to package instructions if using courveture chocolate (recommended) it’s normally got the steps on the packet. Line the mould with chocolate and place in the freezer, building up the layers a couple of times to give it strength.

Make the ganache by warming the cream (just under boiling point) and pouring it over your milk chocolate, stirring until fully combined. Allow to cool to room temperature and pour into the chocolate bowls. Freeze for a few hours at least to firm the ganache up so it will stay in place when you turn them out of the moulds.

Remove the filled bowls from the freezer and join them together using melted chocolate! Allow to stand at room temperature for a couple of hours before serving and sharing with friends and family!

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