Giant Arancini Croquembouche

by Barry Lewis


1 packet of thai jasmine Veetee microwaveable rice

parmesan shavings

mozzarella chunks

100g cooked peas

1 slice cooked ham, sliced in small strips

1/2 a vegetable stock cube

heaped teaspoon of mixed herbs

plain flour, beaten egg & breadcrumbs to coat

vegetable oil to fry

marinara sauce and cheddar cheese to serve

Making a giant arancini croquembouche using Veetee rice and drenching it in marinara sauce and cheese – so good!

The ingredients below are enough for 2 tennis ball sized arancini rice balls, so just scale up to your liking (you do not have to make it giant)

This was the final of three sponsored videos with Veetee rice, the other two being the egg fried Death Star and Phoebe making easy burritos!

Start off by microwaving the veetee rice for 2 minutes to package instructions, fluff on a plate with a fork and allow to cool slightly. Then add all the filling ingredients – so the rice, ham, parmesan, stock cube, herbs & peas into a baking dish. The rice is quite sticky so use this to roll up the ingredients into tennis size balls. This will work a charm, remove one side of a ball and stuff chunks of mozzarella in it then add the rice back over the patch to cover it up, roll into a ball again and place in the fridge to help hold it’s shape.

Meanwhile get the egg, flour and breadcrumbs ready in separate bowls and dunk the ball in the flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs to coat and fridge again.

Fry the balls in warmed vegetable oil (drop some spare breadcrumbs in to make sure that it is hot) fry until golden brown and rest on kitchen towel, repeat with all the balls used.

Serve with marinara sauce and extra cheese on top – gorgeous!