Garlic Air Filled Mozzarella Balloons

by Barry Lewis


An iso whip cream charger

A garlic bulb

1tbsp oil

100g Mozzarella

I finally get my hands on one of those iso whip cream chargers to make awesome whipped cream and desserts. The first thing I want to do with it isn’t what you’d expect…this recipe project uses warmed mozzarella that is inflated and filled like a balloon. But not just with any old air, this is filled with a roasted garlic air. This video could have gone so many ways but the end result with some of the tips I found along the way was pretty darn awesome! Good luck if you try it yourself! It was a really weird taste and the smell of garlic air was pretty bonkers for the next few days after!

I’m not going to go into huge detail about how to do this, i’ll just say, keep your mozzarella as warm as you can in a pan of hot water until like chewing gum! This helped no end, as soon as it cools it firms up very quickly so you need to do this whilst as warm as possible!

Roast the garlic bulb in the oil wrapped in foil in an oven beforehand for a good hour at 180c or equivalent. Place this into the iso whip before trying to inflate the mozzarella!