Food Show 1

by Barry Lewis


Ingredients for stir fry
300g mini chicken fillets
1tbsp sesame oil
200g fresh egg noodles
2tbsp light soy sauce
tsp freshly chopped ginger
sprinkling sesame seeds
pepper, chopped
mange tout
carrot, sliced
cabbage, chopped

Ingredients for welsh cakes
220g plain flour
80g caster sugar
1tsp mixed spice
1tsp baking powder
50g currants
100g butter
1 medium egg

So folks this video is a little bit of an experiment as you’ll see me introduce at the start of the video. I’ve always liked the idea of playing around with my content and also some of you have suggested mashing it together to make more of a long-form food show…. so here’s a little go at it.
In this video I am making a go pro stir fry, showing you how to make some amazing homemade welsh cakes, and taking up the challenge of collecting and eating / drinking stinging nettles amongst other fun things. I hope you enjoy this attempt at a mini ‘mvk episode’ i’d appreciate your feedback as with your help no matter where you are in the World we can make this a fully interactive show with everything controlled by you guys!
Let me know your thoughts, good or bad.