Baby Food Challenge

by Barry Lewis

You guys love a good food challenge video and I don’t mind doing them from time to time, but this is quite a special one as I managed to finally get Mrs Barry to appear in a video! In the video Mrs Barry gets blindfolded to carry out the baby food challenge, the baby food challenge can vary in a few different ways but for this one I decided to blindfold Mrs Barry for a bit of humour and get her to try and guess the flavour of the baby foods.

It was quite surprising how bland some of the baby foods are! We tried Phoebe with baby food when we were younger but she couldn’t deal with it and now we know why – hardly any flavour at all! So always make homemade when you can folks (just a little personal tip from us both after tasting some of these), tastes so much better!

Hope you enjoy the video, I had a lot of fun filming this video with my Wife and I think secretly she enjoyed it and will appear again sometime!