Firework Marshmallow Pops

by Barry Lewis


You will need:
bag of marshmallows
milk chocolate
sprinkles / 100’s & thousands
popping candy/ pop rocks
bamboo skewers

In this video I am joined by the whole family to show you how to make some amazing firework marshmallow pops, complete with popping candy for a real taste explosion! It really could not be simpler and the recipe itself is both safe and went down an absolute storm with my girls, who loved the popping candy going off as they bit into them!

Start off by breaking up your chocolate into small chunks, melt in a bowl over simmering water until smooth, try to use some good quality baking chocolate if you can as it sets pretty quick – helpful if you have impatient kids that want to eat their creation!

Push the skewers into the marshmallows and when your chocolate is ready give them a good dunk in to completely coat. You could just do a little dip if you like for a little batch of chocolate on the end, or if you wanted to go crazy thread more marshmallows on to the skewers like a kebab!

Rest the chocolate dipped mallows on a tray with some baking paper for the moment and then in mixing bowl combine your sprinkles / hundreds & thousands with the popping candy. Once combined roll the chocolate marshmallows in the mixture to coat and then return to the baking tray – super cool looking indeedy!

Whack in the fridge for around ten to fifteen minutes at the very least to firm up and set then gobble them up! My kids (and Mrs Barry, and I to be honest!) had an absolute blast making these, hope you give them a try!

Enjoy these awesome firework marshmallow pops!