Toasted Marshmallow Shots

by Barry Lewis


Bag of Marshmallows
175g White Chocolate (1 cup), melted
Baileys (or your drink of choice)
You’ll also need bamboo skewers

Hey folks so in this video recipe I am showing you how to make indoor toasted marshmallow shots with Baileys and a little cheeky white chocolate layer to add a little strength. Now these are very naughty indeed but pretty darn cool and great for a party or something, plus you can make them either alcoholic or non-alocholic simply by changing up your drink of choice. These really are stonking.

Start off by threading your marshmallows on bamboo skewers all the way through. Go from the fat end to the thin end as you will pull out a plug of mallow in a moment so you don’t want it to break!

Light a gas hob (if doing indoors) this recipe works outdoors or indoors. and toast your marshmallows either by lighty hovering above the flame and turning continually until golden brown, or whacking the mallow straight into the flame letting it catch on fire briefly (it sounds more dangerous than it actually is) and blowing out.

Sit the marshmallow on baking paper and gently pull out the stick, a plug of marshmallow should come out with it which you can eat of course, it’s warm and gooey so good times, you should be left with a coconut shell.

So if you add drink to this shell it is likely your toasted marshmallow shots will leak and that is not good my friends. Drop some melted chocolate into the bottoms of the shells and tap to level off, if there are any small holes on the sides spread a tiny amount of white chocolate up the sides of the casing to seal through. Place these in the fridge to set.

Once the chocolate is firmed up your toasted marshmallow shots are now ready for the Baileys or your drink of choice. Fill, drink, then eat your toasted marshmallow with baileys shot glass!

Amazingly good times – enjoy!