Egg fried rice

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
10 mins


250g long grain rice (cooked ahead of time and cooled)
1 large egg, beaten mixed with a tsp sesame oil (oil optional)
handful beansprouts
100g frozen peas & sweetcorn
3 spring onions
1tbsp vegetable oil
soy sauce to taste

Making your own egg fried rice from scratch does not have to be mind boggling or scary, in fact with this homemade egg fried rice recipe you’ll hopefully be a whizz in no time and start adding your own variations to it, things like pork, chicken, shrimp/prawns and beef would all go great with this!

The most time consuming part is to make sure that you have the rice already cooked and cooled to at least room temperature in advance, so it’s great for leftovers if you already have some rice hanging about as you do.

So lets start off assuming you didn’t have rice already. Simply cook the rice to package instructions, drain off removing any excess water, then leave to cool in a bowl. Meanwhile you can slice up the spring onions into small pieces.

Grab a small bowl and beat together the egg and the sesame oil. If you want, there is no reason why you cannot add another egg, add as many as you like, just beating them will help in a moment.

With the rice cooled, heat a wok with some vegetable oil and wait until it is nice and hot. Add in the beaten egg and let it sit for ten seconds or so to initially cook, use a spatula to break up the egg into parts and scramble the egg up, it will cook quick, within a minute you should have big fat egg clumps in the pan. Tip in the cooled rice and stir consistently breaking down the egg as you stir, you are also warming up the rice as you go here, all in all around 3 minutes of stirring should do the trick.

Add in the vegetables and cook through again stirring regularly, the frozen peas will thaw out very quickly, just keep it all moving. Season with some soy sauce if you wish and mix through until evenly spread. But once the vegetables have been in there for say 5 minutes, it should all be ready! Tip out into a large bowl, garnish with leftover spring onion (if you wish) and sesame seeds.

If you want to add any meats cook them first of all in the pan before the egg and remove or just used ready cooked meats and add at the same time as the vegetables to warm through and mingle with the other ingredients – enjoy!

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