Custom Clanger

by Barry Lewis


350g self raising flour plus extra to dust

90g beef suet (shredded)

60g butter, chilled

160ml water

1 egg beaten plus an extra egg to egg wash should you wish

So you may remember when I took a road trip to Bedfordshire to try a Bedfordshire clanger and chocolate toothpaste! This came about from a podcast episode too but here is the clanger road trip video if you have not seen it!

So off the back of that video, James and I decided to create our very own custom clanger – essentially a steak and cheese and banoffee apple pie crossover – and it tasted phenomenal, also just like the ones we tried in Bedford.

I’m not going to put the fillings used here you can see what we used in the video if you wish – it’s all about you making your custom fillings and i’d love to know what you use… essentially though if you are going to use any meats, please ensure they are cooked before putting it in the pastry.

To make a clanger we make a suet pastry.

Mix the flour, suet and butter together into a mixing bowl. Using your fingers rub the butter into the flour and suet until you form a breadcrumb mixture. Add the egg and half the water and bring together to form a dough gradually adding water as you need to.

Turn the pastry out onto a board and knead well. Roll out to a large rectangle and tidy up by slicing with a knife. It’s now a good time to put onto your lined baking tray and making a little dam with the excess dough.

Make your sweet and savoury fillings. Once done place them either side of the pastry with the dam in the middle separating it and only on one half of the pastry. Fold over using the other pastry side (the video shows this well) and seal with an egg wash. Also brush with an egg wash for a golden colour if you like. Put 3 line marks in the sweet end and gently pierce the savoury end.

Bake in an oven pre-heated to gas mark 4 or equivalent (see conversion chart) for approximately 25 minutes.

Let the clanger rest out of the oven for 5 minutes or you could seriously burn your tongue! Enjoy your custom clanger 🙂