Chocolate Ganache Spiders

by Barry Lewis


300ml double cream (1.2 cups)
600g dark chocolate (20 oz)
bag of dessicated coconut
black food dye
white chocolate buttons
dark chocolate chips
chocolate matchsticks

These chocolate ganache spiders are great fun for a spooky halloween surprise, essentially chocolate truffles with a spider twist they are easy and fun to make, give them a go any time of year.

Start by simmering your cream in a pan, the moment it is bubbling remove from the heat and pour immediately over your chocolate in a mixing bowl which should be broken in small chunks. Keep stirring so the heat of the cream melts the chocolate, it should go all glossy, shiny and thick. Leave to cool to room temperature then sit in your fridge overnight or for at least 3 hours to firm up.

Meanwhile make features for the spider. Use melted chocolate to join two pieces of chocolate matchsticks together (or similar sweets), and make eyes by sticking a chocolate chip on a white button using the melted chocolate again.

Also shake up your dessicated coconut in a freezer bag with some black food dye to make awesome black fur for the spider.

When the ganache is set scoop out and shape into a head and body using your hands, it will get a bit messy so have some water to one side available. Roll in the coconut then join the legs and eyes to the spider using the melted chocolate. Once set gobble away, great fun for sharing, feel free to add some flavouring to the cream too such as mint extract for another quirky kick!