Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

by Barry Lewis


1 Egg
75g caster sugar (1 cup)
75g light brown sugar (1 cup)
160g butter (2/3 cup)
1tsp vanilla extract
160g plain flour (1.3 cups)
1tsp bicarb of soda
100g hazelnuts, shells removed (2/3 cup)
100g ground hazelnuts (3/4 cup)
170g chocolate chips (3/4 cup)

This is a fantastic video recipe for making some absolutely gorgeous gooey chocolate and hazelnut cookies. Learn how to to make cookies that are chunky with a lovely gooey middle that will rock your socks!

The first step we will do is toast our hazelnuts in a pan. So plonk them in over a low flame with no oil, keep them moving until charred and rest to one side. It’s really important to keep them moving as they do char quite quickly.

Next up cream together both of the sugars in a bowl with the butter until combined then dump in the egg and vanilla extract, again mixing together well until all one consitent wet mixture, that is light brown colour. Thickken the mixture by addding in the dry ingredients – I added plain flour, bicarbonate of soda and ground up hazelnuts (you could use different nuts if you like) mix through to create the cookie dough!

Bash together your toasted hazelnuts and chocolate chip chunks in a sealed bag, don’t do this too fine because we want a good mixture of lumps to make the cookies chunky. Add this to the mixture, then place the bowl in your fridge for a good 10 mins, this helps to firm up the dough and shape better.

Using an ice cream scoop for consistency lift out the cookie dough and shape with your hands before spreading out evenly on a lined baking tray!

Bake in an oven pre-heated gas mark 4 / 350 F / 180 C on the top shelf for roughly ten minutes until just starting to brown on the outside. Doing it this way will ensure that there they are still gooey in the middle. Remove from the oven and let cool on a wire rack… I think they are best served freshly baked and just slightly warm – these will go down an absolute storm!

So I really hope you give these homemade chocolate and hazelnut cookies a go guys, let me know how you get on!