48 Hour vs 10 minute Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Barry Lewis


For the cookie dough:

100g sugar

300g dark brown sugar

2tsp espresso powder

2tsp salt

2tsp bicarbonate soda

2 eggs

2tsp vanilla extract

300g plain flour

180g chocolate, 70% cacao

For the Toffee:

220g butter

200g light brown sugar

1tsp salt

For the browned butter:

110g unsalted butter

A couple of ice cubes

What do 48 hour chocolate chip cookies taste like and what are they like compared to classic ten minute ones? Well, lets find out, with a blind taste test at the end to compare! These 48 hour chocolate chip cookies feature burnt butter, toffee and espresso powder which is of course all optional, but really do help add to that intensity that the 48 hour chill in the fridge creates, a truly exceptional and quirky cookie indeed! Hope you give them a go!

How to make 48 hour cookies!

First step is to make the toffee (if using, or you could get store bought, homemade is worth it thought just be careful not to burn it). Place the light brown sugar, butter and salt in a saucepan and warm over a low flame, keep stirring as it all melts together, get it to 300F then remove from the heat immediately, pour onto a baking tray lined with some baking parchment and spread thinly (tipping it is best but don’t touch it!) it will cool fast, leave to one side until it is fully cooled and then break it up with a rolling pin into small pieces.

For the browned butter melt the butter in a frying pan over a medium heat, stir continually until it reaches a golden brown colour, it may foam a bit but keep your eye on it. Once golden brown add some ice cubes into it to immediately cool it down and there you have browned butter. Be careful as you add the ice as it’ll bubble aggressively for a little while, leave to one side for a moment.

Next lets make the dough, grab a bowl and add the white and brown sugars, espresso powder, salt and bicarbonate of soda, mix this until well combined. Add in the browned butter, the eggs and vanilla extract, flour and stir well to combine, it should thicken up and be a nice consistent mixture.

When happy with the mixture add in the toffee and the chocolate, chop the chocolate into small pieces too, work it through until nice and randomised together. Scoop golf ball sized dollops onto a lined baking tray, use an ice cream scoop if you have one and shape them into a ball shape. You can bunch a load together on a smaller tray if you wish for now, as these need to now go in the fridge for 48 hours.

2 days later bake the cookies on a lined baking tray well spread apart, for approx. 18-20 minutes. The oven should be at 130fan/150c/300f or equivalent and pre-heated. They will flatten slightly and have warm bubbling puddles of toffee and chocolate and smell very intense, they’ll taste that too and will blow your socks off! Leave on a wire rack to cool, but best eaten still just warmed from the oven, you can sprinkle salt on if you wish to serve! Good luck!