Chivito Sandwich

by Barry Lewis


1 Large white bap

1 tomato, thinly sliced

1 small gem lettuce, washed

4 thick slices mozzarella

1 Egg

2 slices cooked ham

4 rashers bacon

200g sirloin steak

1tbsp mayo

Uruguay in the World of food to me I do not have much knowledge, but after making this street food style crazy chivito sandwich I want to learn more! Think of this thing as a BLT sandwich cranked up a notch. Apparently it was invented by accident by a chef when an Argentinian was wanting a goat sandwich when she was in Uruguay, the chef didn’t have goat, so instead came up with this masterpiece that features a fusion of ham, bacon, steak, eggs & mozzarella in a bun with some lettuce and tomato as standard (hey, it’s gotta be there right!?)… I think you’ll love this!

First up slice the bun in half and get your other ingredients ready – tear the leaves off of the lettuce, slice the tomato and mozzarella.

Get a large frying pan and warm up over a medium heat. Place the buns cut side down to toast them until lightly browned. Leave to one side. In the same pan add a little oil then the steak which you can season with salt and pepper if you wish, fry for 4 minutes then turn over and add the bacon in, continuing to cook away. Remove the steak onto some kitchen towel once done to your liking but keep cooking the bacon until lightly charred and crispy, again placing on kitchen towel.

Give the pan a clean, then add in a little oil and over a medium flame crack in one egg and fry it. As the egg white starts to set you can add a little pepper into it if you want. Place the mozzarella pieces in the pan around the egg and place a lid on top to melt it down a bit.

You can now construct this thing! Lay down a the toasted bun base, add some lettuce leaves, then some mayo, layer on the cooked ham, then add the cooked steak (cut it into strips if you want to make it easier), then add tomato slices, mozzarella, then the fried egg and bacon. Topping with the lid which you can brush some extra mayo on if you want to! Slice and serve warm / asap! Great for sharing between 2 people!