Butter chicken bread bowl

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
15 mins


600g chicken thighs, roughly chopped

2tbsp curry paste (I used tandoori paste)

large handful coriander

2tbsp cornflour / cornstarch

100g Greek yoghurt

280ml low fat single cream

mango chutney to serve

If you’ve not hear of butter chicken before or bread bowls you may be wondering that this is all about! Well, here we go, this is the buttcr chicken bread bowl. A deliciously simple chicken recipe for dinner or lunch served in an edible bowl! Yep, pretty cool right. We’ve done a couple of bread bowls here before and there is nothing better than being able to eat your own bowl especially when you scan scoop bits out with torn of pieces or use the crusty lid as a makeshift plate!

Start off by trimming the lid off of the crusty rolls. Just take the tops off and scoop out the bread filling, not every bit of it, do leave a little bit so it won’t soak through the crust. Place on a baking tray and warm in the oven if you wish to partly toast the insides (this is actually optional!). The oven can be pre-heated to gas mark 5 or equivalent, just don’t burn them, but ten minutes or so should do it.

Meanwhile in a mixing bowl stir together the single cream, yoghurt and cornflour until smooth and leave to one side. Also chop up the coriander into rough bits leaving some for garnish too.

Get a large saucepan or wok and place the chicken thighs into it, spray or drizzle on a little vegetable oil and fry until whitened, drain off any excess juices and keep frying until lightly browned. Add in the curry paste and stir to coat over the heat for a minute or so, ensuring that all the chicken bits are evenly stained. Now tip in the yoghurt mixture from before and stir well to dissolve in with the chicken and curry paste, it will go a lighter colour. Now chuck in the majority of the coriander, bring to a gentle simmer, to wilt the herbs and also thicken the sauce, stir a little and you will notice that the sauce is thickening, of course you can add more cornflour if you wish.

Serve up in the hollowed bread bowls with more coriander on top, the torn bread pieces and a blob of mango chutney! Delicious!