Asian Supermarket Drink Haul

by Barry Lewis

In this video Tom and I have been to an Asian supermarket to pick out some drinks for eachother to taste test – including a Durian fruit drink and a weird chocolate tea with lumps in it! Have a watch and don’t if you liked this check out the taste testing section of the website for similar videos from over the Years.

It’s hard really to know what to add to this post, all I can say is it was an interesting experience for Tom and I to try these things. So let’s look at them one at a time.

Ocean Bomb Digimon Drink

Banana flavoured fizzy drink based on the Digimon franchise that seemed to come in lots of flavours, the banana was a little odd, almost too fake in scent and a bit off putting, but it did taste of banana and was pretty good! I’d probably have this again, but Tom wasn’t keen on the banana scent!

Basil seed drink

Apparently putting basil seeds into beverages is extremely healthy for you, it’s becoming a trend that a lot of people are following!? This can was, well, quirky! It sort of had a gel like texture that resembled jelly (more on that in a mo!) and reminded me of an aloe vera drink, it certainly didn’t smell and despite resembling a pond, is actually pretty tasty, maybe drink it in the can though!

Grass jelly drink

An interesting drink that smelt like prunes and was flat, despite trying to appear like it wants to be a fizzy drink, it sort of resembles flat coca cola! However that’s not the interesting part, as when your pour it, yep yep, jelly appears, the grass jelly we guess! This sort of looked a little bit like the pickle that you would put in sandwiches, but more watered down, if you can get over the taste and don’t mind prunes it’s a pass!

Chocolate Tea

Tea that is chocolate flavoured? Um, well, not really! A bit like bubble tea I guess the tea itself is optional, this was basically a hot cocoa mix with a nata de coco (coconut sweet jelly!) lump that gets combined with hot water. You would think all of the nata de coco gets dissolved, but sadly not… you end up with these little icebergs that taste of delicate coconut on the top, and if you leave it to cool down too much it segregates like crazy, so drink it quick and it’s really delicious! The nata de coco I don’t feel is necessary, but your call!


This is essentially fizzy milk and was pretty darn amazing! It’s a drink that had a sort of creamy / silky edge to it without being milky and still having that carbonated / watery type texture – super tasty and way better than it sounds! It truly was bizarre how it was definitely a fizzy drink but had those milk like vibes.

Durian cider

‘Smells like feet’ is very apt to this one. If you know what a durian fruit is or what they are known for then this won’t come as any surprise that it is certainly fragrant! However, in a fizzy format, it’s quite a tasty concoction if you can get past the smell, but that will take some doing!