£20 eBay Vintage Tupperware Haul

by Barry Lewis

Folks, you are in for a treat this week as I’ve just opened up a haul of vintage Tupperware that a Patreon sent me a link to on eBay which was just £20! I’ll be honest, I was a little bit scared of it, especially with the cobwebs attached, so I’ve brought in my resident Tupperware expert: my mum!

So the last time she was in a video, we were making my nan’s famous rice pudding and I stumbled across some of her Tupperware in a drawer that I remember her having when I was a kid. In fact, I remember it feeling old when I was a kid, so goodness knows how long she’s actually had it! When I opened up this eBay Tupperware haul, I thought she’d be the perfect person to help me figure out what it all does, and she also came prepared with a bit of Tupperware history!

Did you know that Tupperware all started in 1942 (I think our little haul came from the 80s though, not quite that vintage!) by a man named Earl Tupper? We all probably remember it from the classic Tupperware party though where women of the 50s were encouraged to earn an income while “keeping their focus in the domestic domain”!

Well folks, nowadays things are a bit different and I managed to just buy this retro Tupperware set straight off eBay. After a good wash, we gave each of these original gadgets a good test. Now we might be wrong about some of them (who knows?!) but we think we’ve got a butter dish, a set of stacking scoops for measuring, funnelling(?), sieving(?!), egg separating and goodness knows what else, an omelette maker, salt and pepper shakers and of course, an egg slicer. Seriously, make sure you don’t miss that part of the video!

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