Triple cheesecake tower

by Barry Lewis


500g brownie mix, 2 boxes, prepared according to package instructions

1 chocolate cheesecake

450g red velvet cake mix prepared according to package instructions without the water

2 vanilla cheesecakes

1kg cookie dough (ready made)

900g cream cheese icing

580g chocolate ganache

300g  chocolate, chopped to garnish

Welcome to the cheesecake of your dreams – a triple-decker cheesecake tower – chocolate, vanilla & toffee cheesecake surrounded by cookie dough, chocolate brownie & red velvet. Frosted, ganache topped and chocolate coated. Blimey, it must be another Tasty Barry tries attempt!

For the full instructions on how to make this your best bet is to head to the tasty website as I pretty much followed it all to the letter except for a few exceptions!

  1. I had to use smaller tins than those stated due to the size of the cheesecakes on offer – if you can get larger ones increase to 23cm!
  2. Ensure that you chill the cheesecakes properly, if you don’t they will be weak. Room temperature is not enough, chilling it is well worth the wait.
  3. Take your time building it and frosting the cake! But the most important think is to level off the cooled cakes / cookie dough where needed to give it an even platform to sit on.
  4. If in doubt, keep it in the fridge basically!

Good luck!