by Barry Lewis

Cook time
30 mins


1 ham / gammon loin
1 red onion
400g ricotta cheese
200g spinach
small tin of passata
pack of ready made crepes / pancakes
olive oil and black pepper
chives to garnish
serve with a side salad if you wish

In this video recipe i’ll show you how to make some delicious spinach, ham, onion and ricotta stuffed crepes. They are absolutely gorgeous, incredibly speedy, easy and cheap – give them a go, and of course for a vegetarian option simply omit the ham.

You can choose to make the crepes or pancakes yourself if you wish, but in this video I used the store bought ones that you can obtain in most fresh aisle sections of Supermarkets. I decided to add chunky ham and onion to the classic spinach and ricotta to add a little texture and increase the flavour a little bit – hope that’s ok with you.

All in all the recipe is simple to make, a real speedy winner that is surprisingly filling – this is enough for at least 4 people for sure and of course you could serve it alongside a salad or something like that! It actually tastes good cold too, so certainly give that one a try!

Start off by cooking up the bacon and onions, fry them for a good ten minutes or so to soften up and brown slightly then leave to one side to cool. Steam the spinach in the microwave, this is really easy and the bag makes a cool explosion sound (it’s also the recommended way of doing it on the bag of the packaging – high five).

Chop up the spinach and mix with the ricotta until well combined add the onion and ham then season with pepper – you may want to give it a really good seasoning – up to you. Fill your crepes / pancakes with a good strip down the middle roll up then sit seam side down in the baking tray, once filled up pour over passata (or chopped tomatoes with a sprinkle of basil would work) then top with a sprinkling of grated cheese. Bake for 15 mins to warm through and melt the cheese. Serve up cut at diagonals with some chives over the top for presentation.

As I say very filling as it is but feel free to serve alongside a light salad or even just have half of one! You’ll love these stuffed crepes.

Enjoy 🙂