Sausage and egg baguette boats

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
15 mins


4 mini bake at home baguettes

4 eggs

60ml (1/4 cup) double cream or milk

Fillings of your choice (ensure any meats are cooked already)

I went for:

Chorizo sausage

Spring onions

Red Pepper

Grated Cheese

These sausage and egg baguette boats will rock your World! Extremely simple to make with the help of bake at home baguettes (which are available in most supermarkets) simply core out the middle and fill with whatever you fancy!

Start off by cooking any meats fully – I cooked the chorizo sausage in a frying pan and cut into bitesize chunks, so do this with any other sausage you may use, do not use raw meat!

Cut out the middles of the baguettes ensuring to cut at diagonals so that the egg filling stays in place. Leave a little edge all over to ensure the mixture holds. Repeat with all the baguettes until all hollowed out.

Beat together the eggs and cream (or milk) in a bowl and season if you wish.

Carefully add the egg mixture to the boats nearly all the way to the top, I find that a jug is best for this. Then drop in your fillings, so the meats and any vegetables you wish. I kept the peppers raw for some crunch but cooked and blistered would be nice too. Fill all the boats doing this step on the baking tray to save moving them and then bake in the oven to package instructions on the baguette or until golden brown and the egg is firmed up, normally about 15 minutes.

Allow to cool for a moment before gobbling up, this recipe can easily be switched to vegetarian with your choice of filling so give it a go and put your own spin on it.