Mini Big Mac

by Barry Lewis


2 mini bread baps
1tbsp beef mince
1tsp thousand island dressing
1 slice of cheese
1 inch of lettuce
1tsp onion
1 mini gherkin
ground pepper

In this video I show you how to make a mini Big Mac, a tiny version of a McDonalds classic. Would make great party food! This mini big mac slider goes down a storm, oh and check out more mini food recipe ideas if you really want a mini feast.

The mini big mac instructions are basically made around that of the traditional Big mac but on a smaller scale, you do not have to use the tools that I did in the video though such as tweezers!

Start by making you patties into small balls shapes dividing the beef up evenly rolling into a ball and then pressing into the patty shape. Chill in fridge for the moment.
Slice up your buns in half and take a middle section out of the other one. I got my local baker to make these mini buns for me.

Now it’s just a case of grating up the onion, slicing the cheese, lettuce piece and mini gherkin before getting your pan hot. With no oil in it add the buns and toast gently, should take about a minute over a medium flame, but watch carefully! Keep the pan hot and add some oil and the patties cooking through both sides before resting on some kitchen towel.

Finish by building the mini Big Mac to the order seen in the video, or any other way you like really! That’s it, give it a go folks 🙂 It’s homemade McTastic and has already gone down a storm with a few followers at parties!