Minecraft Cake Recipe

by Barry Lewis


6 Eggs, separated
75g plain flour
4tbsp cornflour
2tsp baking powder
250g sugar
strawberry jam
black, brown, grey, white icing

In this video I was asked to attempt to make a minecraft cake, and not just any old minecraft cake…. a minecraft pixelated axe cake that looks just like the axe that you would use in the real game!

I’d not really played minecraft before but had obviously heard about it so start off the video attempting to play it before cracking on with making a slightly lower fat and airy sponge cake that will rock your socks.

The biggest thing here is to make sure that you use a little paper template (mine was 2cm x 2cm) and draw out some grids to make your axe, it’s very easy to do really and all you need to do is treat is like lego and you’ll be fine and you may get carried away to make other shapes etc

The ingredients are below, so get cracking take you time sticking the tiles on with the jam, tidying up with a brush of water to clean the tiles and help bond, and gobble away – enjoy!!

Oh and this is my artists impression of the layout, it is actually accurate in some ways lol just use neater squares!