How to make gummy bears

by Barry Lewis


200ml water
80g pack of flavoured jelly
15g powdered gelatine
additional flavourings / vodka / citric acid powder etc

In this recipe Barry shows you how to make gummy bears from home! This is obviously a very easy and fun recipe to make but the art to homemade gummy bears is the consistency of them. Here we make them using standard jelly then add a touch of gelatine powder for a tougher set. Once combined you can add any flavours you like – in this video I show you how to make gummy bears stanard flavour, with a sour kick using citric acid powder and an alcoholic spank with vodka.
If you don’t have the jelly I’m using in this video don’t worry, just use the alternative ingredients below.

Powdered Jelly version – mix all ingredients together in saucpan off the heat until well combined then heat on a low in pan for 5 mins to loosen before setting in mould the same way as I did.

250ml water. 20g gelatine powder, 85g flavoured gelatine