Giant Daim Bar

by Barry Lewis


500g butter

1kg caster sugar

8tbsp golden syrup

500g ground almonds

800g milk chocolate

So here we go, how to make a giant daim bar recipe….. we’ve made homemade daim bars here on the channel before but this is something a little different by taking it up to giant / XL stage and giving you the opportunity to make one for yourself – it would be cool for a Birthday cake or even wedding cake alternative…. Maybe!

The steps are very simple and in the video I even show you how to make your very own wrapper too. The most important thing for that is using etcher primer, sprayed onto the tin foil, which helps the paint grip to it, and use acrylic paints…. This really gives it an awesome finish!

The daim bar itself is minimal ingredients really…. We’ll make the filling first. But line with baking parchment a large baking tray big enough to fit in your fridge and clear a shelf! Lightly grease the tray and cut the parchment to size running your finger up the sides to create a liner, this will hold the filling later.

In a saucepan add the butter, sugar and golden syrup (or corn syrup!) and heat gently. Keep mixing as it melts and merges together, using a spatula ideally or wooden spoon to keep it moving to stop the sugar burning and ensure an even colour.

When it starts to bubble keep it bubbling for 5 mins still stirring carefully until it goes a nice golden brown colour throughout – again making sure you scrape from the bottom of the pan up. Add in the ground almonds and stir through over a low flame until fully merged and thickened. About a minute or so.
Carefully pour this mixture into the lined pan and let it settle, using the spatula to push into the corners and make even. Tap the tray on the surface of the work counter to help it settle too.

Meanwhile melt 200g of milk chocolate either over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave on short blasts! Pour this chocolate on top of the almond filling just made, again pushing it around to get it level and covered and then tapping to help it settle on the counter a few times.

Let this sit until it has cooled to room temperature then place in the fridge to firm up, about 90 minutes.

Once it has firmed up turn out onto a board that is raised in the air with some tins. Remove the tray and backing, then melt some more chocolate, probably a good 500g this time for a good coat. Pour the chocolate over the top and sides smoothing out and stopping any bits hanging from the sides by running the spatula along it. Place in the fridge to firm up for at least 4 hours or until well set.

Congratulations your giant daim bar recipe is complete – share with friends.