Giant Chocolate Bourbon

by Barry Lewis


For the biscuit dough

1kg butter, room temperature

1kg caster sugar

4tbsp golden syrup

4 eggs

2kg plain flour

200g cocoa powder

1tbsp baking powder

3tbsp milk (add more if needed)

For the cream filling

500g butter, softened

1kg icing sugar

6tbsp cocoa powder

Alright, i’ve been working my way through a variety of giant biscuits recently including a custard cream, remember to check out the full giant food section if you have not already! Today it is the turn of the chocolate bourbon, 2 chocolate biscuits wedged together with a buttercream that would make an amazing Birthday cake! Here’s how to do it!

First up for the dough cream the butter and sugar together with an electric whisk until smooth, then add all the remaining dough ingredients and whisk again until smooth and dough like in texture. If too dry add a bit more milk, if too wet add more flour.

Divide the mix in 2 portions and put each onto 2 equal sized lined baking trays and spread out with a spatula so that they are even and flat. Chill for 25 mins in the fridge.

Use a wooden spoon end to make the markings on the biscuit doughs and chill again for 20 minutes whilst you pre-heat oven to 160fan/180c/gas 4.

Bake in the oven for 25 mins and then allow to cool fully. You may want to bake them one at a time, doing the coldest one first and don’t open the oven during baking!

Meanwhile make the cream filling by whisking together the room temperature butter, icing sugar and cocoa powder until smooth.

When both biscuits are fully cooled, sandwich them together with the chocolate cream! Slice up and share!