Easy Chocolate Cake

by Barry Lewis


225g self raising flour

225g caster sugar

225g unsalted butter

4 eggs

1 heaped tsp baking powder

50g cocoa powder

tsp milk if needed


4tbsp cocoa powder

600g icing sugar

300g butter (room temperature)

drop of milk to loosen if needed

Mrs Barry steps into the kitchen to show you how to make an absolutely delicious chocolate cake recipe, the ingredients are minimal and it is super delicious. Sometimes a decent chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream is all that is needed and this one hits the spot!

First of all for ingredient or temperature conversions check out this page if you are using cups etc

Start off by creaming together the butter and sugar in a bowl, beat well until really well combined and smooth, crack in the eggs one at a time and beat in too again until merged. Next up add in all of the dry ingredients – the baking powder, flour and cocoa powder, add this using a sieve to prevent any lumps. Beat the mixture really well together until a smooth chocolate batter is formed. Add equal amounts into 2 greased and lined cake tins then bake for 20-25 minutes until risen and a skewer comes out clean at gas mark 4 or equivalent (see temperature conversion chart).

Once out of the oven remove and place on a wire rack to fully cool down both the cakes.

Meanwhile make the chocolate buttercream. Beat together the butter in a bowl on its own until smooth and spreadable texture add in the icing sugar and cocoa powder in batches sifting as you go and mix through until a consistent colour is achieved. You really want to mix it for a good 5 minutes so the sugar and powder really work into the buttercream and become super smooth, you’ll love it. Simply wedge the cakes with the buttercream and frost the tops too if you wish. This is a really good simple chocolate cake recipe that we will refer back to in future videos as it just works a charm! Good luck!

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