Double Custard Cream Custard Slice

by Barry Lewis


36 custard cream biscuits – I would get more if you can as a few will break!

1 litre milk

100g custard powder

1tbsp vanilla extract

60g sugar

It will be useful to have some tin foil too for your tray

An idea came to me to fuse a super popular vanilla slice / custard slice (mille-feuille) recipe with a super popular biscuit in the UK (& beyond) …..the custard cream! The concept was simple, making a hybrid merging the custard cream filling with a custard and then using the biscuit itself to house the custard instead of pastry…. the result, super delicious, double custard wedges of paradise that are symmetrical and can be cut into giant portions! Super fun & very tasty!


First step, arrange the custard creams into a baking tray and work out what size you can fit in. Use rolled up foil to create a barrier on the sides in any gaps to prevent the custard creams moving so they stay symmetrical.

Separate the custard creams, place them on a board long side down and cut through carefully, scrape the filling into a mixing bowl. Place one side of the biscuits face down (smooth side up) all over the pan as per before. Leave the other halves.

Make the custard. First up add the custard powder to a saucepan, add in ¼ of the milk, whisk it together until the powder is dissolved, add the pan to a medium low heat on the hob, whisking continuously add in the milk, extract and sugar, keep whisking as you bring it to a simmer. It will seem like nothing is happening, but keep whisking, shortly after the simmer, it’ll thicken up, lower the heat and cook for a further 90 seconds then take off the heat and pour into a bowl.

Leave the custard to stand for a few minutes, but it is best to do this next step whilst it is thickened but still hot, to spread it easier. Pour the custard onto the biscuit halves in the pan, spread out with a spatula, then top with the other biscuit halves on top in line with the bottom layer. Pressing in lightly to level out and set the biscuits just into the custard.

Allow to cool to room temperature before chilling in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. Slice in wedges and serve up! Super fun!