Clotted cream recipe

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
720 mins


600ml double cream (pasteurised or non pasteurised ideally, not ultra pasteurised)

Making your own homemade clotted cream is an absolute doddle! You just need double cream (heavy cream), an oven and a bit of patience, this recipe is great and will be a real hit. It tastes super fresh with an almost nutty vibe running through it.

The steps are so simple, and it’s pretty hard to get wrong. (well, based on this attempt anyway!)….

You’ll need a large rectangular baking dish, double cream and an oven pre-heated to 80c (which is very low about 176f).

Pour the cream into the bottom of the baking dish. Place into the pre-heated oven and leave for about 10-12 hours. That is basically it! As it warms through a yellow skin will form on the top of the cream, at the point of removing from the oven carefully take it out and allow to stand and cool down to room temperature. Cover in cling film, then place in the fridge overnight – this whole step is essentially 24 hours but well worth it.

Remove from the oven and skim the top of the cream with a spoon, this is delicious homemade clotted cream! Store in an air tight container for no longer than 5 days, but best served almost immediately! This is cheaper than store bought clotted cream and as it is not available in all Countries why not try these lemon and blueberry scones to go alongside?! Enjoy!