DIY Christmas treats

by Barry Lewis


Snowman truffles:

100g cream cheese

200g oreos

200g white chocolate

1 tsp orange essence

To decorate;

Small pack of mini oreos

Black icing pen

Blue icing pen

Small amount of orange ready rolled icing


Chocolate mini roll

Chocolate matchsticks


Small amount of buttercream

Small amount of ready rolled red icing

Small amount of ready rolled black icing

Christmas Trees:

200g white chocolate

160g rice crispy

Green food colouring, oil based

Small chocolate balls or stars, to decorate

3 Rolos

Icing sugar to dust

Here are three awesome DIY Christmas treats for you to try!

Snowman truffles:
In a zip lock bag, bash the oreos with a rolling pin until they are a crumb consistency. Pour into a bowl with the cream cheese, and orange essence and mix together until well combined (it should all the brown in colour). Line a baking tray or chopping board with grease proof paper. Using your hands, roll a small amount of the cream cheese mixture into a ball and place on the baking tray. Continue until all the mixture has been used up. Chill in the fridge for 6 hours or ideally overnight.
To decorate your truffles, melt up the white chocolate then gently dip the chilled truffles into the chocolate, one at a time. Making sure your truffle is completely covered in the chocolate before gently scooping out, and placing back on the grease proof paper. Leave to set at room temperature, then draw on the snowman’s facial features (eyes and mouth) with the icing pens. To make the nose, roll a small amount if the orange icing into a triangle, so that it looks like a carrot, then gently push on to the face. Finish with a mini oreo placed on top of the truffle for the snowman’s hat.

Chocolate Reindeers:
These reindeers are super easy and fun to make. First up grab a mini roll and gently push in 4 chocolate matchsticks into the bottom (the flat side) to make the legs. Spoon a small amount of butter cream onto one end of the mini roll, this is going to be the face. Cut a pretzel in half so you are left with two pieces that resemble antlers, and push them into the top of the mini roll, just above the side where the butter cream is. Roll some red icing into a ball and gently push into the middle of the butter cream, to make the nose. Roll out three ball of black icing and position two on for the eyes and the other for the mouth. Your mini roll transformation has been completed!

Rice Kripie Christmas Tree:
These Christmas trees look super affective and look almost too good to eat! First up make a cone out of grease proof paper by cutting a circle shape out, cut it in half then roll into a cone. Stick in place with a small piece of sellotape. Melt up the white chocolate then add in the green food dye and mix well. Continue adding the food dye in until you have your desired colour. Add in the rice crispys and mix well until they are completely coated in the green chocolate. Take a teaspoon amount of the mixture and place into the bottom of your cone and gently push down, we used a bamboo skewer to help. Continue to fill the cone with the rice crispys until it is level with the top. Place in a glass and leave in the fridge overnight to set. Once set, gently unwrapped the grease proof paper and you will be left with a green tree shape. It’s now time to decorate! Use the melted chocolate or any leftover butter cream from the reindeers, to stick on the small balls or stars around the tree. Place the rolos into a triangle shape and spread over a small amount of chocolate or butter cream. Carefully place the tree on top of the rolos, then lightly dust with icing sugar!