Christmas Dinner in an Air Fryer

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
21 mins
Cook time
45 mins


4 potatoes, washed and halved

Vegetables of your choice, peeled and sliced

5tsp Gravy granules

3 pigs in blankets

5 rashers smokey bacon

2 turkey steaks

100g sausagemeat

2 stuffing balls

Cranberry sauce to serve

Spray oil as needed

Could you make a Christmas dinner in an air fryer? Well, today we are going to find out! This would work well as a quick option that tastes good and also for perhaps a person cooking for 1 or 2 people, I really enjoyed this challenge! If you enjoyed this you may like an entire roast dinner in one pan or air fryer kfc. 

How to make a Christmas Dinner in an air fryer

First up we need to parboil our vegetables being used – I used sprouts, parsnips and carrots alongside the potatoes. Just get a pan of water on to boil and let all the vegetables simmer for about 8 minutes or so to help soften them. You could skip this step but may end up with super crunchy veg, this will soften them and really help!

With the leftover water from the vegetables mix with the gravy granules to make a gravy of your liking and leave to one side, we’ll heat it up later, just get the thickness how you want it.

Meanwhile make a turkey log, get some cling film and bash the turkey steaks with a rolling pin to thin them out, add a row of sausage meat and use the cling film to help roll it up in a log.

Line up some bacon strips and sit the turkey log on top of it rolling so the bacon fully covers it and wraps the turkey. Wrap in cling film and keep in the fridge for the time being. You could add stuffing into this if you want to but I did it separately.

Add the potatoes first of all, spray oil them all over and air fry for 15 minutes until starting to lightly brown at 160c, shake up and add in the vegetables cooking for another 10minutes, follow up with the stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and the turkey log made earlier.

Spray with more oil and cook for approx 25 minutes, mixing the vegetables halfway through. If you need to keep cooking to evenly char the vegetables and cook the bacon fully, with them being steaks it won’t take long.

Remove from the air fryer and add in the gravy, lower the heat to 120c and warm up the gravy, keeping an eye on it (you can always just use the kettle if you want but it was safe for me as only a small amount) when ready pour over the dinner and gobble up!