Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle

by Barry Lewis


300g oreos (2 packs)
250g cream cheese
300g Dark Baking chocolate
1 Coke Bottle, emptied and dried

This is a fun little project more than a recipe and something I have been bombarded with recently request wise, although those were more for filling the bottle with jelly or sweets but that just seemed a bit too easy. In this video we make a chocolate coca cola bottle using the plastic bottle itself to become the mould and then fill it with an oreo cream cheese mixture – cool!

Ensure the coke bottle is dried and remove the label. Melt the chocolate in a pan over simmering water or in a microwave if you prefer in bursts until smooth.
Pour the chocolate into a jug and let stand for a few minutes, it will still be maneuverable but being cooler it will grip more. Pour this into the coke bottle and then rotate it around ensuring that the chocolate covers all over. Place in the fridge and take out after 15 minutes and give another rotation so that it can cover areas again evenly.
Put it in the fridge for a good 3-4 hours or overnight for a decent set or in the freezer if you are in a hurry.

Just before you are about to remove the bottle make the oreo cream cheese filling. Bash the oreos in a sealable bag or whizz in a food processor, then mix in the cream cheese ensuring it is fully coated. Remove the bottle from the fridge and add the mixture into it through the top. I found a piping bag poking with a bamboo skewer easiest, but using teaspoons would also work. Place back in the fridge once you have reached the top for a further 30 minutes.

Carefully using a sharp knife remove the plastic packaging in stages, then place the lid and label back on the cola bottle and hey presto you have got yourself a chocolate cola bottle filled with oreo truffle mixture – amazing!