Chicken Katsu Curry

by Barry Lewis


100g panko breadcrumbs

100g plain flour

1 egg, beaten

2 large chicken breasts, bashed with a rolling pin

1 onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, chopped

handful plain flour

1tbsp medium curry powder

1/2 tsp chilli powder

5ooml veg stock

1tbsp soy sauce

2tsp honey

rice and vegetables to serve as you wish

Here’s how to make a super delicious chicken katsu curry. This recipe will be a real hit and you can amend the recipe to your liking so that you can ensure to have the right temperature in there, use milder / hotter curry powders as necessary.

First set up a dunking station of egg, flour and breadcrumbs. Using one hand only dump a chicken breast into the flour, then the egg mixture and finally the breadcrumbs. Try your best to coat the chicken as best you can and place on a chopping board and into the fridge for the moment.

For the sauce add some oil to a frying pan and fry the onions and garlic. Add in the flour and curry powder with half the vegetable stock and keep mixing with a wooden spoon. Add the remaining stock, honey, soy & chilli powder and stir through simmering for 20 minutes. Once done you now have the option to leave chunky or carefully remove from the heat and blend up til smooth.

In a frying pan when ready to cook the chicken get a good 1/2 inch depth of vegetable oil covering the entire base of the pan. You’ll know to add the chicken when you can add in a small piece of bread and it fries immediately. Add the chicken into the pan and cook until well browned either side – around 8-10 minutes. Remove and rest on kitchen towel. Slice into strips when safe to do so.

If you wish you can use the residual heat in the pan after disposing of the oil to cook any vegetables.

Serve the curry with cooked rice (shaped in a ramekin if you wish as per video) chicken and vegetables alongside and the sauce poured all over the top – delicious!