Cheeseburger nachos

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
15 mins
Cook time
10 mins


500g beef mince

½ onion

4 mushrooms, sliced

4 rashers  bacon, cooked and chopped roughly in small pieces,

400g cheese, grated

1 large bag tortilla chips

1 bottle bbq sauce (add as you like)

1tbsp sesame seeds

Spring onions, sliced to garnish

Burger sauce to dip (if you wish)

These cheeseburger nachos are incredibly simple to whip together and make a great sharing snack! Well you need to share them or they will go very quickly, beef and bacon packed nachos with a barbecue sauce tang and optional burger sauce dip. You’ll love them!

Start by getting a medium size saucepan onto your hob, add a little oil and cook the beef mince until browned. Once browned add in the onions and mushrooms and stir, cooking until the onions and mushrooms have softened and cooked through, for the last minute or two of cooking time add in a squirt of barbecue sauce. Remove from the heat and drain any fluid through a colander.

Get a deep baking dish and place down one layer of the tortilla chips ensuring the bottom of the dish is covered. Then add on some grated cheese, I went for a mix of cheddar cheeses. Top with half of the beef mince mixture, then half of the bacon strips and then a good squirt of barbecue sauce all over.

After that repeat that layer again, so more nacho chips, cheese, beef, bacon and barbecue sauce. Add a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top if you wish (this gave it an unofficial seeded bun vibe!).

Bake in a pre-heated (gas mark 4 or equivalent see oven temperature conversion charts) oven for 10 minutes to melt the cheese.

Remove from the oven and sprinkle on top freshly chopped spring onions.

If you wish serve it with a burger sauce dip – which is basically a mix of 50/50 ketchup and mayo, a heaped teaspoon of finely chopped raw onion, plus some finely chopped parsley. Dunk the nachos into the burger sauce and it works a charm!