Banana Tart

by Barry Lewis


2 large bananas

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1tbsp caramel

1tsp sugar

knob of butter

1 sheet of puff pastry

250ml double cream + 2tbsp caramel for topping

handful popcorn to garnish

This recipe for a banana tart is deliciously gorgeous! It’s a charred buttery puff pastry base with caramel and cinnamon bananas & popcorn sat on top, it looks super flashy, but in actual fact (just as we like it) …. it’s very, very easy!

Lightly grease a 20cm loose bottomed tin with butter. Unravel a sheet of puff pastry and press it into the bottom of the tin, cutting off any excess, you just want to cover the circular base really.

Score around the circle inside the pastry by about 1cm to create a sort of crust, do it lightly not going all the way through and prick the middle of the dough with a fork – in the video I go quite overboard with this to be honest!

Dollop on a tablespoon of caramel (bought in store or a tin of condensed milk simmered for 4 hours works too) and spread around the base, do not cover the scored crust area as this will rise when baking.

Peel the banana and slice lengthways, you can then decide to halve it and work out what design you want it to look like, be sure to have enough banana to fill the middle – 2 large ones did it for the 20cm tin.

Chuck a knob of butter into a large frying pan and melt it, add in the cinnamon and banana slices gently stirring and frying on a medium heat for 3 minutes and turning over. Do not blitz them, just fry them so they soften slightly. Once cooked arrange on top of the caramel splodge in the pastry and bake for 35mins at 200c or equivalent see temperature conversion chart.

Meanwhile you can whip the cream in a bowl and once lightly thickened dollop in the caramel and whisk through until smooth. Refrigerate until the tart is out of the oven and ready for topping.

Serve either still warm or cold with the cream on top and an optional sprinkle of popcorn! Delicious!