99p cajun chicken taco

by Barry Lewis




45g plain flour

30ml water

Taco filling

1 x chicken thigh

1 heaped tsp cajun seasoning

¼ yellow pepper, cut into strips

¼ red onion, diced

½ little gem lettuce, shredded

¼ Lemon, zest and juice

2tsp vegetable oil

1tbsp greek yoghurt

A cajun chicken taco that costs 99p per portion, loaded with peppers, onions, lettuce, lemon and crème fraiche in a homemade flatbread. Yep yep, it’s like squid game, except there is no squid. This is ‘under a quid game’ (hmm not sure if that title works!)…. But per portion this is an absolute bargain.

First up marinade the chicken, add the cajun spice and 1tsp of the vegetable oil to a bowl and work it into the chicken all over, both sides. Cover the bowl in cling film and place in the fridge whilst you make the bread.

To make the flatbread mix the flour and water, plus a little salt (like a pinch) in a bowl, knead it until it comes together, then get it onto a surface and knead a bit more using more flour if you liked. Roll into a ball, then roll out to a thin disc shape on a floured surface. Pre-heat a griddle pan or fryin pan (no oil needed) and char the dough disc each side, don’t over do it or it’ll go firm like a cracker, you want a bit of movement in it. Leave to one side.

Cook the chicken on a frying pan on a medium low heat for 25 minutes, turning constantly…if it cooks too quick turn the heat down and change the oil, but just keep your eye on it and make sure you cook it through, you can flatten out the thigh to increase the surface area if you like to cook a bit quicker, just make sure It’s fully cooked through. Remove onto kitchen towel, then take out the bone (if it has one) and chop into chunks, leave to one side.

Clean the frying pan and add the other tsp oil with the pepper and onion, cook over a medium heat stirring until charred and blistered, remove from the heat.

Serve the chicken and pepper/onion combo on the flatbread with yoghurt, lettuce and a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of zest – 99p a portion. Bargain!