99p Bacon Pasta

by Barry Lewis


2 bacon rashers, sliced thinly

100g dried pasta, such as farfalle

100g peas

Few mint leaves, chopped

1 thumb size piece of Grana Padano cheese (or alternative)

¼ lemon, zest & juice

1 slice of bread, whizzed in a food processor to crumbs

Salt and pepper

Oil for frying (optional, but recommended)

A crunchy bacon pasta coming in at 99p per portion including some things you are likely to have around the house is a real winner, takes 15 minutes and is easy to customise and play around with, that’s pretty much what I did until I hit my budget, but there’s loads of ways you could take this. Hope you try this easy recipe.

How to make 99p bacon pasta

Alright this recipe is quite good to time along with the packet instructions of your dried pasta (remember fresh pasta cooks in 2 minutes or so, we are using dried packaged).

First warm a frying pan with a little oil (I didn’t use it to make it 99p, but just a little splash of oil is recommended) fry the bacon stirring from time to time for about 6 minutes over a medium low heat, add in the peas and the mint leaves and keep cooking, stirring through to combine the flavours, cook until the bacon is charred and crisp – or to your liking.

Meanwhile cook the pasta in a large saucepan to package instructions with a little salt added to the water. Once cooked, drain the pasta leaving a small amount of cooking water in the pan, then add the cooked bacon, mint and pea mixture into the pan with the pasta and stir gently over a low heat to warm through for a few minutes. Remove from the heat and quickly pan fry the breadcrumbs in another small frying pan (no oil needed) with some pepper say a tsp or so, keep moving it over a low flame to char the breadcrumbs and make them golden brown & crunchy, keep them moving and watch them carefully as they can catch and burn really quickly. Remove from the pan into a small dish.

Serve the pasta on a big plate with some lemon zest and juice on top, finished with some pepper breadcrumbs. Fresh, zingy, crunchy and smokey goodness for 99p – bargain!