3 More TikTok Recipes ft. Donut Dump Cake

by Barry Lewis


Donut Dump Cake

6 leftover doughnuts

1 tin condensed milk

1 tin evaporated milk

1 box cake mix

150g butter


Accordion Potatoes


Olive oil


Cajun Seasoning

Garlic powder

Salt & pepper

(Or herbs & spices of your choice)


Big Smash Burger Tacos




Beef mince

Sliced cheese

Burger sauce

Mini tortillas

I’ve tested many an interesting TikTok recipe before – I can’t forget the recent Grinder Salad Sub and the surprisingly good Egg Boil, but today I’ve decided to pick out a few of the more quirky ones I’ve come across on TikTok lately. This includes an absolutely bizarre (but delicious!) donut dump cake that was actually pretty easy to make (and may leave you on a sugar high even if it doesn’t taste all that sweet!), an accordion potato method and a crazy Big Smash Taco Burger that was pretty close to being stonkin’ I’d say. 

I wasn’t sure any of these recipes would actually work out, they’re definitely designed for likes and shares, especially the twisted potato on a stick – even my first time trying it looks pretty awesome though I think! But I was nicely surprised that they were all pretty good in the end! If you’d like to give them a go at home, the recipes are below.

Donut Dump Cake

So the theory is here that you literally just “dump” everything in one dish and stick it in the oven to get a really easy cake made from doughnuts – can’t be that hard right? Technically you need “leftover” doughnuts, but really, who has leftover doughnuts?!

First grease your baking dish then place as many doughnuts as you can fit in a single layer in your dish. I used 6 here, but this recipe ain’t fancy – you can use as many as you like! Now pour on the tin of evaporated milk followed by the tin of condensed milk – the doughnuts might start floating, but that’s okay!

Now sprinkle the cake mix on top to completely cover the doughnuts. It might have looked a bit soggy before, but now it will probably look like sand. Trust the process folks, and whatever you do, don’t mix it!

Finally decorate the top with the little dobs of butter, then whack it into the oven for 40 minutes at 160C fan, and watch the magic happen! The final thing should have a crunchy crust and a damp donut dump underneath, almost like a fruit crumble.

Accordion Potatoes

This recipe looks absolutely insane, it kind of looks like magic the way the potatoes twist around the stick but don’t fall apart when you chop them somehow! I’ll do my best to explain how to get them looking like this.

So first peel your potato then chop it in slices that look a bit like a credit card but are about ¼ to ⅜ in (0.5 to 1cm) thick. Now lay down your chopsticks in parallel lines on either side of your horizontal potato credit card and carefully chop down it vertically – keep the lines fairly close together, and make sure not to cut all the way through, just to where the knife stops on the chopsticks. 

Now flip your potato over, and this bit is key – chop down in diagonal lines. Now you should have a stretchy accordion potato!

All that’s left to do now is fry and flavour! So grab a skewer and carefully pierce it through the middle of the potato. Once it’s all the way through, stretch and twist the accordion to fan it out for that beautiful shape. I did find it was a bit easier to soak it in water first before skewering if that helps!

I winged a bit of a seasoned oil here to flavour it – mine’s got parsley, cajun seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper and salt in olive oil. Pick your favourite herbs and spices, whatever works for you! Brush this onto both sides of the skewered potatoes letting the mixture fall slightly into the gaps, then whack them all into a preheated oven – I just cranked mine up a little to help them crisp, but you could also do them in a fryer or air fryer. Mine took about 20 minutes to turn golden brown, crisp and delicious – enjoy!

Big Smash Taco Burger

This one is an absolute stonker, so make sure you try it! The idea is to smash down your “burger” into a taco to increase the surface area while it cooks to make it quicker to cook and make and even more delicious.

Chop up your onions, gherkins and lettuce first, then grab your little mini tortilla and smash your mince onto it. How thick it is depends on how you like it and whether you want it a little bit medium rare or not when it cooks. Now season it, drizzle a bit of oil into the pan then whack the tortilla so the meat is facing down in the pan then cook for about 4-5 minutes without the lid on. 

Next layer the cheese slices on top and pop the whole thing back into the pan, this time with the tortilla side on the still warm pan to let the cheese melt with the lid on.

Now remove from the pan, top with your chopped onions, gherkins and lettuce then slather with burger sauce. Fold in half to eat if yours isn’t too thick (who would do that?!), then eat! It tastes like a Big Mac has gone on holiday to Mexico – stonkin’!