What I made with an unnecessarily large amount of Twiglets

by Barry Lewis


Twiglets! (lol)

Whilst a lot of you are probably wondering what are Twiglets? Or what is Marmite? Well hopefully I can answer them in this video above or perhaps in a recent video homemade Twiglets. But they are essentially addictive wheat sticks with a Marmite coating.

I have way too many of them and am not able to send them back, so set the challenge of making some recipes with them – including Twiglet fried chicken and Twiglet toast. The steps in the video are quite self-explanatory so I won’t write them here, it was just a lot of fun whizzing them up and playing with different combos to achieve different results!

For what it’s worth Twiglet coffee is probably not going to take off any time soon!