Triple chocolate shortbread

by Barry Lewis


200g white chocolate, chopped

200g dark chocolate

50g white chocolate to grate for presentation

1 tsp orange extract (optional)

250g butter

130g icing sugar

130g plaing flour

90g rice flour



How to make super delicious triple chocolate shortbread, complete with white chocolate chunks and yummy dark chocolate orange drizzle – super minimal ingrdients, but absolutely a real crowd pleaser!

First up take the ingredients (apart from the chocolates and extract if using for the time being and mix together in a bowl with your hands, kneading until a dough is formed. You can actually do this whole step in a food processor if you prefer, it’s certainly less messy.

Either way you now knead in the chopped white chocolate pieces, it will look like quite a lot of chocolate at first but it will all go in comfortably. Knead this on a floured board until all is incorporated well. With all the white chocolate pieces in the dough press into a greased baking tin with a removable base ideally (or just line it) to make lifting out easier. Make rough lines with a knife by scoring along the surface, this will help you portion them later. Bake for 25-30 mins at gas mark 4 or equivalent (see cooking conversion charts).

Once baked allow to cool fully before trying to handle them, they are very delicate but strengthen as they cool. Melt up some chocolate and add a drop of orange extract to it if you wish, stirring it in then drizzle over the tops of your sliced pieces of shortbread. Finish with a grating of white chocolate on top too – super easy, super good!