Strawberry Blueberry Dessert Pots

by Barry Lewis


Handful fruit of your choice
80g ginger biscuits (1 cup)
25g melted butter (1/4 cup)
110g cream cheese (4oz)
3tbsp granulated sugar + 1tbsp
1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
2tbsp whipped cream
mint & bashed biscuits to finish

These no bake cheesecake style Strawberry Blueberry Dessert Pots will blow your mind they take twenty minutes to make in total and taste incredible. Mix up the fruit to your liking too I went for the strawberry and blueberry combo but any fruit will work. The thing I liked about this was that they taste so good and can be great to make ahead for a party that will make it look like you have spent hours on it!

Start off by whizzing up your biscuits in a food processor along with the melted butter. This will create nice crumbs of gingerness, leave to one side. Of course you can mix up the biscuits here if you wish maybe use some oreos or pretzels.

Next grab the fruit you are using in a little bowl and spoon over a tbsp of sugar, mix well to coat and again leave to one side. There’s no point putting it anywhere else as we are nearly done!

In another bowl mix together the cream cheese with the remaining sugar and vanilla extract. Mix well until smooth and creamy, before following up with some whipped cream folding that through into the mixture until all as one. That mixture alone will taste amazing!

That is it! We are now ready to build the strawberry blueberry dessert pots. Add a biscuit base first of all to a nice glass, then add the creamy filling, top with your fruit, more creamy filling to the top and then finish with some fresh mint and some extra ginger crumbs, looking stonking!

You must give these a go guys, you’ll love them! Enjoy!