Shepherds Pie

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
40 mins


500g lamb mince (17oz)
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2tbsp tomato puree
1tbsp Worcester sauce
500ml beef stock (2.1 cups)
900g potatoes (32oz)
Knob of butter
3tbsp milk
2tsp Dijon mustard
2tbsp grated parmesan
Fresh chopped parsley

It’s the start of a new themed Month! This time we are going for British Month, yes being British I have plenty of awesome recipe ideas up my sleeve to show you, some proper British classics with the odd cheeky Barry spin on them!

So this Shepherds pie is super easy. Start by making your mash, mine is a bit more pimped up as you will see and has some extras to drive some flavour into it!
So parboil your potatoes, once softened after 15 minutes drain and mash in a bowl with all the other ingredients including mixing through the dijon mustard for a lovely kick.
It’s worth noting I kept the skin on my potatoes, that was just a preference to try out and keeps a bit more fibre in the dish.

Make the filling, fry in a saucepan the carrots and onion pieces for 5 minutes, then add in the lamb mince to brown fully. Top up with flavour additions – the puree, worcester sauce, beef stock and some good old salt and pepper, mix well and bring to a simmer, once at a simmer place a lid on top for 15 minutes.

Once the 15 minutes is up, remove the lid and simmer down for a further 10 minutes, spoon the mixture into a baking dish and then dollop and spread the mashed potato on top. You can rake the potato topping if you wish with a fork for a cool nostalgic effect.

Either freeze and store for up to a Month or place under the grill to char the top potato bits, then cut into wedges and serve immediately!

I really hope you give this classic British recipe with a bit of a Barry spin a go!