by Barry Lewis

Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
35 mins


5 large potatoes, washed
Handful Cheese curds
2tbsp Cornflour
1tsbp water
4tbsp Butter
6tbsp Plain Flour
400ml (14oz) beef stock
200ml (7oz) chicken stock
Tsp chopped parsley
1 large garlic clove, finely chopped
Tsp chopped parsley
Salt & pepper

Okey doke then folks, Poutine, this recipe is something I have been aware of for quite a while, essentially chips and gravy here in the UK but with added cheese curds (or perhaps try mozzarella if you can’t get that) I really enjoyed this recipe it’s very simple really so it was only right I made some decent gravy to go with it.

Start by making the chips/fries. Slice up the potatoes into chunky chip shapes and pat dry with a towel. Repeat until you have enough chips then sit on a baking tray. Drizzle the tray in oil and season the chips with salt and pepper (this is of course optional). Make sure the potatoes are all covered in oil so jig them around a bit to fully coat, then make sure none are stacked on top of eachother. Bake for 35mins or until golden brown at 170c / 325F / Gas 3.

Meanwhile we will make poutine gravy. Of course you can just by ready made stuff but this did not warrant that for me.
Mix the cornstarch with the water to one side, this helps dissolve it and prevents lump in the gravy later on. In a saucepan melt the butter then add in the flour, mix through until thickened and like a ball of dough, careful not to burn it. Add in the garlic for one last minute before tipping in the stocks and also the herbs, mix well do break down the flour lumps, when it reaches a simmer the lumps should be gone with a constant stir over the heat. Pour in the cornflour, maybe add a little at a time to help get the consistency you are after, the recipe and tips I was sent called for a nice thick gravy on the chips. Keep it warm until your chips are done.

Serve the poutine in a bowl chuck some cheese curds on top then pour over your gravy, absolute stonker!

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