Makita Cordless Microwave – Tested

by Barry Lewis

If I was going for a more clickbait title for this video, I could have called it “I NEEDED ANTIBIOTICS AFTER THIS!” Absolutely nothing to do with the microwave though, folks – more to do with that hill and a new little friend I met on the way up!

Back to the beginning though, my mate Charlie rang me up recently (you can see a dramatic re-enactment of that moment in the video!) because he had a nice kitchen gadget he thought I’d like to try out. Or should I say, an “out of the kitchen” gadget!

And that’s what this video is all about: the Makita Cordless Microwave. It’s designed for tradespeople but is a great hack for anyone who works away from home or away from power. So if you’re on a picnic and want to be the envy of your friends, or your builder just needs a hot cup of tea when the power’s off, you’re in luck as that’s exactly what I did to try it out!

The first test was simple, but a little bit of sacrilege – “Bob the builder” was out in my garden working hard and forgot about his cup of tea, oh no! So I whacked that in the battery powered microwave to warm it up for him, and it worked perfectly. Tick number one in the box for the cordless microwave, even if I have offended the cast majority of the country!

The second test is where things got a little more dangerous as it involved climbing a hill and ended in a trip to the doctors! We decided to really put the microwave to the outdoors test and took it up a hill to heat up a pie. The good news is that the pie was beautifully warmed and the weather stayed good, the bad news is that I apparently made an excellent meal for a horsefly…

The third and final test was to make a full meal from scratch using just the battery microwave to heat it up, including cooking raw chicken! For this, I used a version of a microwave stir fry in a mug that I did a few years ago. This really put the big USP of the microwave to the test because I admit I was worried the battery packs would run out. I’m pleased to report that it did a cracking job and not only successfully cooked the chicken, it made a bloomin’ good job of that stir fry, and it had battery left to spare at the end!

Oh and it also charged my phone while we were out and about, which was a nice bonus!