Kitchen Gadget Testing Ep 73

by Barry Lewis

Kitchen gadget testing time with the unofficial king of kitchen gadget testing (someone tweeted me that lol)… this time we are putting to the test 6 new kitchen tools that could help with certain tasks in the kitchen including a microwave grill, multi grip mandoline, push & tear kitchen towel holder (amazing!). salad dressing maker bottle, silicone egg poachers and a cupcake scoop. Some of these gadgets combine to make a truly epic salad too! Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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Want to get the gadgets in this video? here’s links to some of them, they are affiliate so Amazon may give me a commission for any sale:

Lekue microwave grill

Joseph Joseph multi grip mandoline

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Towel Push and Tear

Kitchencraft Salad dressing maker bottle

Oxo good grips silicone egg poacher

Tovolo Cupcake scoop