Japanese Snack Taste Test With My Mum

by sian

I’ve got my mum back in the kitchen today to join me trying some Japanese snacks in a very quirky taste test! You folks loved the taste test Mrs B and I did recently on foods we’d never tried before, so I thought it was time to try a few more. With a range of flavours we’ve never even thought would be a thing (salad flavour, snippy lobster and ramune) and along with the language barrier, it made for a lot of fun!

Some were a bit questionable, while others pleasantly surprised us. My mum’s Nigella Lawson impression might need a bit of work, but I promise this is one to watch!

We’ve got one she describes as a “deflated snowball”, another that made me feel a little bit sea sick, and another that felt like I’d eaten a whole trout – there were more than a couple of confused fish flavours going on! We also had a star shaped corn snack soaked with apparently calcium rich chocolate by Ginbis’ original ‘impregnation’ method, whatever the heck that is! It did look a little like a dog dental chew, but there you go! The Pachi Pachi Panic was a surprise when it sort of looked like if Superman threw up some paracetamol! It was an absolute Japanese rave in my mouth is all I’ll say!

So there’s a bit of a sneak preview at some of our thoughts, but watch the video to see more! Luckily we survived with no broken teeth, although it was a close call on a bizarrely shaped ball of layered sugar!