Homemade Play Dough

by Barry Lewis

Cook time
20 mins


Ingredients – makes enough for 6 large tubes of play-doh at least so feel free to halve etc
560g / 4 cups plain flour
500g / 2 cups salt
4tbsp vegetable oil
1litre / 4 cups warm water
2tbsp cream of tartar (as above this is optional, but it helps make it more stretchy and is pretty easy to get hold of)
Food colourings of your choice (gels work really well)
Optional – glitter / flavouring / essences

Homemade playdough (or play-doh or play dough) is incredibly easy and fun to make at home for kids of all ages.
Mixing together water, oil, cream of tartar (optional to help make it more stretchy), salt & plain flour gives the base of a super cool play dough recipe that you can customise and play around with.
In this video i’ll show you a glitter play dough too, but really there’s no limit to what you can do. People add kool aid packets, different colourings, spices – but for me it’s cool to just keep it nice and simple!
You can also bake the play-doh to firm it up if your kids (or you!) make a shape you want to keep, simply paint it or varnish it for permanent play dough!
The recipe is also completely safe if accidentally eaten, although as you’ll see it doesn’t taste too good!
It’s even easier to make a single colour homemade play dough, just add the food colouring you want in with the other ingredients at the start!
Store it in an air tight container to prevent it drying out, if it does get a little dry add some more water to get it more manouverable again or just watch this video again and make some more homemade play dough – good luck!