Homemade Mince Pies | Cheap vs Steep

by Barry Lewis

Prep time
10 mins
Bake time
15 mins


400g plain flour

250g butter, softened

130g caster sugar, plus more for sprinkling

1 egg, plus 1 extra for egg wash

For the filling

800g mincemeat

2 satsumas, peeled & chopped into small pieces

1 apple, peeled, cored and finely chopped

Mince pies eh, i’ve never really ever complained about a mince pie when eating one, to me a mince pie is, well… a festive Christmas bake that is hard to get wrong. These fruity pastry encased treats (that i’d probably eat in Summer to be honest!) are yummy…but will it make a difference if we make homemade mince pie recipe with the cheapest ingredients we can find at a budget supermarket… or will the more expensive supermarket and it’s upgraded ingredients blow it out of the water?! Let’s find out! Either way, here is the method for making the mince pies.

Homemade mince pies

Grab a bowl and rub the flour & butter together until it becomes a breadcrumb texture into a large mixing bowl. Stir in with a wooden spoon the sugar and egg and bring it together into a big lump of dough, if it’s a little dry add a small splash of milk, but only a trickle at a time, don’t make it too wet. Once it forms into a large, dry ball, wrap in clingfilm, then flatten slightly into a fat disc and place in the fridge. I find flattening it a bit increases the surface area so it will get cooler quicker and firm up plus give you a bit of a head start when rolling out.

Meanwhile make the mince meat filling. Add the mincemeat in a bowl with the apple and orange chunks, stir well and leave to one side. Add the orange zest if you like too.

When the pastry is done, flour a surface and roll it out about 1/4 inch thick, not too thick or it may not cook through! Cut 9cm discs of the dough, re-using and re-rolling as you go cutting more and place it into a lightly greased cupcake tray. Fill each case with mincemeat just level to the top. Roll out more dough and use a 7 cm cutter and place the discs on top of the dough cases, brushing the cases with a little beaten egg or milk before putting the lids on and pressing them together so they join well. Repeat with all the pies, topping them with lids. Put a knife into the tops of both the pies, brush with egg wash on top and sprinkle with extra sugar.

Bake for 15 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 200c/180fan/Gas 6/400f until golden, allow to cool in the trays before removing. Best eaten freshly baked, but they will store well in an air tight container! Enjoy! Our top tip is to use budget pastry ingredients but go for the best mincemeat you can! But all combos were good, serve with custard if you are Mrs Barry or cream if you are Mr Barry…. either way, stonking!