Hello Fresh Review

by Barry Lewis

For this video recipe we have teamed up with Hello Fresh to try out one of their subscription boxes and see how we get on. I had never tried something like this before, some of my friends have tried hello fresh and recommended I try them out. So when they got in touch about a sponsored video I was really keen to see how all of this works and comes together. The first thing I will say is that it is incredibly simple to follow, I loved it! The instructions are super clear, colour coded and the kids were really eager to help too.

hello fresh review

The ingredients were super fresh also and quite obviously of a high quality. I was not really expecting that in a way…. not that I was expecting something cheap, it was more that most of the ingredients I recognised packaging wise were at the higher end of the supermarket and the proof really was easy to spot in the taste. Which brings me on to that, in this video, the kids and I make a ragu, which tasted phenomenal, the recipe steps plus the little hints and tips they give you are really, really impressive. But the actual final taste and the little bits of extra flavour you add, really made this all worthwhile. I genuinely hope you consider giving it a try, if you want to, I have a £25 off voucher to use via this link use the code VIRGINKITCHEN so you can form your own opinion! Let me know how you get on with it, i’d love to know your thoughts!