Healthy Chicken Burritos

by Barry Lewis


2 chicken breasts, cooked

4 tortilla wraps

2 tomatoes

1 small red onion

handful coriander

50g grated cheddar cheese

veetee microwaveable rice

small tin refried beans

I’m joined in this video by Phoebe who shows you how to make some kid friendly healthy chicken burritos using ready cooked chicken, this is a great way of getting kids cooking doing a more adult meal without dangerous steps by using microwave rice and having the chicken already cooked.

Whizz up the red onion, coriander and tomatoes in a small food processor and leave to one side, this is the homemade salsa!
Shred the chicken with two forks into nice even strips, add the refried beans and the chicken in a mixing bowl and stir to coat.
Warm the tortillas in the microwave for 20 seconds to make them flexible.
Warm the rice up in the microwave and fluff with a fork.

Serve the rice, chicken, salsa and cheese in the warmed wrap rolled up, delicious!