Clear Ketchup

by Barry Lewis


8 egg whites, chilled in fridge

100g ice cubes

2.5kg tomatoes

1/2 lemon, juice only

2tsp Arrowroot (or agar agar) mixed with 8tbsp water

Handful basil leaves, torn

Recently there was an image I’d been tagged in of a bottle of clear ketchup, I have not looked into it but imagined it was fake! You guys kept tagging me in it and I thought to myself, I know how to make this! So by taking inspiration from the clear tomato soup recipe and thickening it / tweaking salt and pepper plus lemon juice for that vinegary acidity, I was able to carry this off, in fact it was actually less flavour added, just thickening it became a problem at the end! I enjoy making the clear recipes and this did taste quite similar, just felt like eating wallpaper paste on my chips lol, printing a custom label optional.

I’m not gonna type out the recipe as I really don’t want you to put yourself through what was effectively something that should just not exist lol but in essence, citric zing from the lemon first (ketchup has vinegar which you can also use, but the ketchup bottle had lemon juice listed) , salt and sugar combined got the taste as good as I wanted, then, well thicken ahoy lol